Special Person Special Shoes


From a cherished former employee: “Dear Friends I have reached a little milestone in my ‘play’ job being a shoemaker and have now got a website.  So I’m putting it out there!” Background Mel is special, her workshop is special and it smells very leathery.  Mel came to Witt Design as a University of Tasmania […]

4 Easy Ways to Enjoy a Cosier Winter in Your Home

Cosy Interior Setting

4 Easy Ways to Enjoy a Cosier Winter in Your Home Jackets, Beanies and Mulled Wine? Short of over-consuming mulled wine, you can create a sense of warm comfort as well as make physical improvements to make your living space cosier in some pretty easy ways.  I am writing this from Tasmania during the winter […]

Windows: 4 Ways to Avoid Common Mistakes


They can be square, rectangular, round, pointed, or any shape you can think of.  They have a primary function of letting light in.  Without a satisfactory volume of light entering our living spaces, our spirits are lowered and our bank balance is too.  It may not be just the evening when the lights have to […]

WIN a Stave Stool valued at $649!!

Win Stave Stool 2

Two Aussie creatives, sharing a passion for sustainability and resourcefulness, are offering a stunning stool as a give-away. The Stave Stool from Witt Design is awarded for its sustainability and features richly coloured eco-wool. The give-away is hosted by Havven, which has established itself as the leading resource for style by DIY upcycling. Comfortable, light […]

Wood – A big chance for sustainability?

Bog Oak

Timber, in the past, was available in large quantities so it made sense to use it. But why still use it today, especially for unseen structural needs? While checking this, let’s include other lingo-cellulosic materials such as bamboo (a grass) and hemp. With wise management, wood and fibrous crops are the only kinds of materials […]

One amazing chair, made in millions yet a designer’s cherished possession! A short and fascinating insight:

Thonet No 14 Vienna Chair

A bespoke piece of furniture, beautifully designed and built, can be wonderful. But each bespoke piece is a prototype. The best have no downsides because they perform their function perfectly while giving pleasure to all. But this is not always the case. Not all problems are solved in the first iteration. Not everyone can afford […]

1 crazy design failure from following fashion

Black Rooves 1

What is so important about design? Well, without the application of this discipline we would be making/consuming lots of things with an inbuilt failure outcome. A designer, architect or engineer’s mission is to avoid these disasters, in part at least. There are numerous instances of these failures. One that stands out, at the moment, is […]

Reef Shelves

Reef Shelving (5)

This is another example of beautifully resolved design by Peter Costello. The Reef Shelves are graduated in their spacing and depth so that combine great utility without intuding into your space the way shelving so often does. We have produced these 1200mm (47″) wide shelves in both 4 and 5 shelf options as well as […]