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1 crazy design failure from following fashion

Black Rooves 1

What is so important about design? Well, without the application of this discipline we would be making/consuming lots of things with an inbuilt failure outcome. A designer, architect or engineer’s mission is to avoid these disasters, in part at least. There are numerous instances of these failures. One that stands out, at the moment, is […]

Natural Inspirations Hall Table

Natural inspirations Hall Table

Hall tables don’t usually carry much. They are often there as a convenient place to put the keys, the mail or a hand bag as you come and go. But they do need an understated elegance that gives you pleasure as you go past. Maybe it holds something beautiful and welcoming such as a vase […]

Item Temporarily Unavailable

Bookstand in Myrtle by Peter Costello

This popular gift item is temporarily unavailable while we resolve a calibration issue.  Without the parts being of a consistent thickness it is difficult for us to guarantee that the way the parts fit together always evokes the same satisfaction as it has done to date.  We did not want to make a batch to […]