Custom Design Furniture

Not only can you enjoy artisan made product from Tasmania with all the rich timber, heritage and design that comes from this island State, you can make it uniquely and specially yours.

Even more, you can enjoy the process of relating to the designers and makers, as you refine exactly what it is that is a perfect fit for you.

The main options for customisation are upholstery and timber. Typically, the numbers are sufficient so that we don’t end up wasting precious materials like leather and veneer.

You are welcome to discuss your needs with Allan Witt by phone (0408 331 510) or by email [email protected]. Allan can call on other specialists, like his fellow designer Peter Costello.

Some Examples Of Our Work

custom reef chair

Custom Reef Chair

A set of 12 Reef dining chairs featuring Teak veneer and off-white leather

Lemon Locus Chair

Custom Locus Chair

A set of Locus executive chairs featuring selected Tas Oak (Eucalypt) and lemon leather.

Bright Wool Fabric Stools

Custom Stave Stool

A set of Stave Stools featuring selected Tas Oak (Eucalypt) and bright wool fabric.

Please note that we used to have Celery Top Pine as one of our standard timber offerings. Even though we use only a small amount of timber, and very carefully in veneer form, there is the risk that we cannot get supply in a timely way. However, if Celery Top Pine is a particular preference of yours, please ask and we will see what we can achieve for you.