Shipping & Insurance

We send furniture nationally and internationally with TNT.  They have been consistently reliable.  Occasionally, we use Australia Post but our parcels often exceed Australia Post’s size limits – especially our boat kits from our www.rowandsail.com.au division.  Each consignment is trackable.

Our agreement with TNT has automatic insurance cover.  We use custom packaging and often receive thankful comments about its quality.  We have not had an occasion where we have had to call on this insurance.

All shipments are flat-packed, unless you make arrangements for a fully assembled service and there is a charge for that.  Flat-packing minimises the carbon footprint and costs.  This helps us retain our free shipping policy.  We design our products for flat-packing and we manufacture to fine tolerances so that your assembly experience is reliably enjoyable.

Deliveries within Australia can take up to one week, though this is often shorter for capital cities.  International deliveries can take around ten days.

Lifetime Guarantee

We now offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defect.  Until mid 2014 we gave this guarantee for 10 years.  The Stave Stool, for example, has been in production for over 10 years.  If there was a structural issue on a Stool made more than 10 years ago, we would fix it (send the replacement part, say). We stand by the quality of our designs and our manufacturing.  So, it seemed silly to stay with the 10 years.  Please note that manufacturing defects, do not include fair wear and tear such as scratches and marks on leather and timber finishes.

Returns Policy

Standard products:  You are free to return them with no questions asked.  However, you must dispatch them within 7 days, ensuring that they are not damaged and carefully repackaged the way that we sent them.  Your payment will be refunded in full upon their safe return less the return freight.  The product goes into stock and we absorb the outgoing freight.  As per the last paragraph, this has only happened once in more than ten years.

Non-standard products:  You cannot return items, such as chairs upholstered in specially negotiated non-standard fabric.

‘Suck and see’ option:  Let’s say you want to purchase a number of stools, but would like to try one first.  You can tell us what you would like but you only pay for one.  We make the set but ship just one. You are then free to say, “That’s great, please send the rest” or make the return.  This assumes that the product is standard so that it can easily go into stock.

Our track record:  We began manufacturing in 1984.  Our focus on designing and supplying high value product, that we can efficiently send all around the world, really only had its beginnings in 1996.  In all this time we have only had one occasion where the product has been returned.

Manufacturing Time

Early in 2014, we trimmed the product range so that we can scale up production without stress.  Our plans include carrying more stock in partly completed form.  We will reduce the time from order to dispatch, for example, by being able to pick a set of Myrtle legs and put them with the required leather colour and send them off.  However, until we can confidently predict shorter times, please allow 4 weeks between placing and order and dispatch.

Deliveries within Australia can take up to one week, though this is often shorter for capital cities.  International deliveries can take around ten days.

Custom Upholstery Options

Good quality leather is expensive and fabric purchases often have minimum length requirements. To minimise waste and an out-of-control inventory, we carry only popular colours.  However, if you can source your particular choice of fabric or leather and post it to us, we will gladly use it and return the excess with your finished product.  We can also get in job specific hides or fabric but we need to cover the full cost.  We are happy to discuss your specific needs.  Sometimes, we have purchased extra for people who want to use the balance for complementary furnishings.

How easy is assembly?

We manufacture precisely so that assembly is reliable anywhere in the world.  We focus a lot of our design attention to accurate and easy assembly.  We have often been complimented for it.  Each product goes out with an instruction sheet that has been tested over time.

Stave Stools, as an example, take about 15 to 20 minutes each to assemble.