New Website

NI_ChSideTWe are really pleased to bring you our new website and we welcome your feedback, especially where you find anything that inhibits you having a good experience.

You may notice that we have temporarily reduced the range to four of our key products.  With growing demand, we are working with one of our specialist Tasmanian suppliers to improve production capacity.  While the ugraded jigs are made and installed, it is important that quality remains the priority.  As using the new tooling becomes routine, we will be reintroducing other parts of our range such as the Natural Inspirations Range.  The NI Chair-side Table, as an example is illustrated in the photo.

It was designed around using small quantities of selected veneer to feature our superb Tasmanian timbers.  Because it also flat packs so neatly, shipping has a small carbon footprint and it makes a great gift.  It exemplifies a simple and delightful design that is sustainable, so we will be making it available again as soon as we can.  If you would like us to let you know when we do, please let us know through the contact us page.