red stave stool
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Stave Stool

Awarded Design – Well on its way to becoming a classic.
  • Comfortable, light and designed to delight with a contemporary twist.
  • Made in Tasmania by skilled artisans, these stools continue the honest practice of generations of island cabinet makers.  This is the real deal, not just another stool churned out in a price-driven factory.
  • Our timbers are selected for their beauty and strength.
  • The materials (timber, upholstery and metal) are used wisely and sustainably.


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Features & Benefits

Stave Stools not only look classy and are fun to use, they are light and strong – assurance that they can be handed down from generation to generation. The legs are laminated using high strength Eucalypt core veneers and selected feature veneers to the outside. This lightweight timber technology is reinforced with the stainless steel foot-ring and brackets.

The lasting look, feel and comfort comes from award winning design PLUS clever engineering AND the right selection of materials. Our leather is rated for commercial use so that the surface patina will retain its classy good look. Our foam is genuine natural latex that will retain its resilience long after synthetic foams have failed. Unlike chrome finishes, the stainless steel foot ring will endure punishing use and always look great.

  • We use high strength core Eucalypt veneers supplied by Ta Ann Tasmania’s rotary peeling mill. This uses regrowth trees from Tasmania’s southern production forests.
  • Rotary peeling creates little waste and requires minimal energy for drying.
  • Our feature veneers come from certified Tasmanian forests and are used very sparingly.
  • Since changing the core laminations from plywood to Ta Ann regrowth veneers, we have reduced the number of glue lines and manufacturing operations.  So, we have improved on what was already awarded for it design and sustainability:

A furniture item with a major design component that is based on the sustainable application of Tasmanian regrowth or plantation eucalypt and designed for high quality manufacture and sale.(Tasmanian Wood Design Collection, Biennial Grand Exhibition, 2001)

  • Wood is one of our most sustainable structural materials providing low embodied-energy, carbon capture and regrowth replacement.
  • Stave Stools can be easily maintained from one generation to the next. All parts are easily separated and easily refurbished. You can even update your colours by removing the upholstery shell and taking it to an upholsterer.  The wooden components can also be easily refinished.
Counter Height Stool 660 mm or 26 inches
Bar Height Stool 770 mm or 30 inches
Base (Counter Stool) 330 x 330 mm or 13 x 13 inches
Base (Bar Stool) 360 x 360 mm or 14 x 14 inches
Free Shipping

We designed the Stave Stool for easy and efficient shipping in protective custom made boxes. You’ll have fun assembling your new Stave Stools with a clear instruction sheet and a tool supplied. Our customers often compliment us on our packaging and the satisfying assembling process. Allow 15 to 20 minutes per stool.

Custom options

If you have a particular fabric or leather that you prefer, please obtain what you want locally and post it to us. Either, cut it into discs of 450mm (18 inch) diameter or ensure that the piece is big enough to cut the required number without compromise. When ordering, please select the customer supplied covering option. It would help us if you would also email the details of your covering so that we can expect it and ensure that it is applied to your order in a timely way.

Commercial quantities

If you require a large number of stools, for example, to fit out a cafe, we would be glad to give you a special quotation. This can include spare upholstered tops for rotation so that any stains or tears can be dealt with easily.