Special Person Special Shoes


From a cherished former employee:

“Dear Friends
I have reached a little milestone in my ‘play’ job being a shoemaker and have now got a website.  So I’m putting it out there!”


Mel is special, her workshop is special and it smells very leathery.  Mel came to Witt Design as a University of Tasmania design student intern and became a valued employee.  Now she exercises her design and artisan skills in a very special way – making stunning custom shoes.

Just imagine how it would be to be wearing shoes designed and beautifully crafted – just for you.  I reckon that by owning a piece of Witt Design furniture, you are able to enjoy something special from Tasmania.  But wearing a pair of Mel’s bespoke shoes takes that to another level.  The experience is more intimate.  It is not just your home or office that carries your memories and tells your story, it is you being in and revelling in your story.

Custom made shoes

I recommend that you check out her new website http://mirandajackcustomshoes.weebly.com/