Item Temporarily Unavailable

Bookstand in Myrtle by Peter Costello

Bookstand in Myrtle by Peter Costello

This popular gift item is temporarily unavailable while we resolve a calibration issue.  Without the parts being of a consistent thickness it is difficult for us to guarantee that the way the parts fit together always evokes the same satisfaction as it has done to date.  We did not want to make a batch to then have to discard some.

As soon as we can guarantee that you will experience the delight we expect without us generating waste, we will make the book stands available again.  One of the great aspects of this design, by the highly skilled Tasmanian furniture designer Peter Costello, is that the waste is typically incredibly low.  We are aware that Christmas is fast approaching, so the pressure is on us.

If you would like us to let you know when they are again ready, please let us know through the contact us page.

Regards, Allan Witt